Morgans: Todo Puede Suceder

Morgans is a funky, jazz, rock band based in Madrid, Spain. The band has been hitting the road since 2012. The quartet counts with  groovy guitars, keys, bass & drums. Its members are Juan Manuel Montoya, Víctor Rodríguez, Noel Domínguez, Jesús Iglesias.


Its lead singer has a unique soulful style that grabs one attention on a first listen. Moreover, the bands performance is so solid that it will make its audience groove to each beat.

Recently Morgans has release a bundle of tracks. As a result, it is grabbing local attention in their local music scene. Todo Puede Suceder is the title for one of their brand new songs.

Todo Puede Suceder which translates to Anything Can Happen, starts off with a rockabilly swing vibe. In addition, its lyrics tells us a story that can place us in a smoking dive bar drinking copas and eating tapas in Madrid. One sections within the track that stands out is its guitar solo.  Therefor, we may listen a gypsy style that breaks after a solid drums fill.

Certainly Morgans new recordings sound promising.