Grupo Fantasma: Mulato

Gr Fant



Grupo Fantasma is a nine piece latin funk band based in Austin Texas. The band started in 2000 when two local bands The Blimp and The Blue Noise Band merge together.  Grupo Fantasma has been associated with Prince since the band has backed him on several occasions. The ensemble has sold over 2o,000 albums independently and has had music featured in many popular TV shows.

Grupo Fantasma has played in many well known music festivals. Festivals such as the Montreal Jazz Festival, Austin City Limit Music Festival, SXSW and many others. The band has gain numerous Austin Music Awards. For  example, they been inducted to the Austin Music Hall of Fame.

At the moment, the band is working on a new album to soon be release. However, they have reveal a new tracks title “Mulato”.This musical piece is rich in its multiple  sounds and arrangements. As an example, its horn section may remind us of a vintage Perez Prado mambo. Nevertheless, what one must acknowledge through out the track is its Afro-Caribbean rhythm both within the bass line and percussion section. In addition, its mantra phrase ” Hey you Mulato” will add to its hypnotic groove.

Definitely this track works as a great teaser for what their new album will be. Consequently, we look forward to its soon release.