Morgans: Todo Puede Suceder

Morgans is a funky, jazz, rock band based in Madrid, Spain. The band has been hitting the road since 2012. The quartet counts with  groovy guitars, keys, bass & drums. Its members are Juan Manuel Montoya, Víctor Rodríguez, Noel Domínguez, Jesús Iglesias.


Its lead singer has a unique soulful style that grabs one attention on a first listen. Moreover, the bands performance is so solid that it will make its audience groove to each beat.

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Mariana Vega & LAI: Te Seguire

Mariana Vega is a Venezuelan pop singer/song writer. She started  to develop her music skills while going to school in Toronto, Canada. Shortly after, Mariana sang at a friends wedding where she was discover by an A&R. Consequently, her music career started to pick up by releasing a couple of albums and performing many shows. MAriana

In 2014 she released her EP Te Busco. This short list of tracks counted with Oscar D’Leon and LAI (Los Amigos Invisibles) as musical guests. As a result, Mariana won a Latin Grammy the same year within the category of best new artist. Continue reading

Los Charly’s Orchestra: “Al Ritmo Del Latin Funk”


Los Charly’s Orchestra is a London based collective created, al ritmoproduced & lead by Venezuelan producers Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel. The project Combines a vintage and contemporary sound at once. It is also characterized by a unique edge that blends the Boogie-Disco sound of the 70′s with a seriously Latin perspective.

Over the past few years LCO had produced a series of songs that have become modern stamps of their music. “My Barrio”,  and “Al Ritmo Del Latin Funk” have been given the recognition by entities & personalities of the calibre of NME, Craig Charles (BBC6), Joey Negro, Dimitri from Paris & Norman Jay in between many others due to their authenticity.

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Caseroloops: “Sentimiento, Cumbia y Movimiento”

By Manuel Rivas


Ceseroloops is an electronic band that combines Afro Caribbean rhythms and Venezuelan Folklore music . Its members are Héctor Martínez, Orlando Barranco, Manuel Páez, Sheydeguer Silva, and Miguel Bermúdez.

The band made their breakthrough by the end of 2007 when the company DUSA offer them a national tour. They would end their last show for this tour as the open act for Los Amigos Invisibles with an outcome of 3000 people.

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Ziggy-VHM: “Si Estoy Vivo”

By Manuel Rivas


Victor Hugo Mendoza (a.k.a. VHM) is best known for  his work as a producer and band mate of  Spias and El Gran Torino, both Venezuelan rock bands from the 90’s. Moreover,  Ricardo Anthes (a.k.a. Ziggy) worked at the same time in Venezuela as the lead singer  for  La Calle.  Both have joined  forces since beginning of 2013 after VHM approached Ziggy  for a remix he wanted to produce for the song “Las Cuevas” from Ziggy’s fomer band. VHM asked Ricardo to sing for his re-mix version. As a result, they kept talking about new ideas for potential songs and working as a duet.

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Lido Pimienta: “Agua”-Live-Pinball Sessions

By Manuel Rivas


Many know Lido Pimienta for her extravaganza and experimental approach to electronic music. Her sublime and repetitive melodies sang in Spanish that invites you to imagine an aboriginal fairy tale from somewhere in South America.

Her music career as a singer song writer started back in Colombia and has progress deeply over the years after settling in Toronto. She has release one album by the name of “Color” which had a great response among the Canadian audience. Moreover, she aims to release a second  work by the name of “La Papessa” where many famous musician such as Andrea Echeverri and Conector from Aterciopelados have collaborated.

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Fernan Dust: “Without Shoes in Buenos Aires”

By Manuel Rivas


Electronic Dj/ Music Producer Fernan Dust from Venezuela has been based in Berlin for several years. Dust has been adopting the tones and textures of the electronic scene from Germany’s capital city. Elements such as tech and deep house have label most of Fernan’s releases. In addition, he has release many independent tracks and remixes within this style. Continue reading