Bumbac Joe: The Hot Revolution

On April 25th Bumbac Joe, Chicago based venezuelan producer and Dj will release his new EP, The Hot Revolution.

Bumbac Joe, né Leopoldo Bello, who has shared turntables with Armand Van Helden and has been featured alongside performers such as Sinkane or Shantel & The Bucovina Club Orkestar, features in his latest EP four tracks with Juan Tomás Martínez on the vocals (former singer and percussionist of world-touring Spanish band Canteca de Macao), singer-songwriter Sarah Marie Gilbert, and the Caracas´ Camerata Infantil choir. Bumbbbbb

The four tracks were mixed by Lodewijk Broekhuizen, Milwaukee based band Twin Brother´s guitarrist.

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Quique Escamilla wins a Juno for World Music Album of the year.

Latin American Quique Escamilla has won a Juno for World Music Album of the year .  His record “500 Years of Night”, showed to be a good example of Escamilla’s talent for composing, producing and recording a full album. Release under Lula World Records, it is his second Canadian production.quique juno

Quique Escamilla’s music is an umbrella of folk, pop, rock, ska, reggae, rap, alternative and traditional music from his native Mexico plus strong lyrics, protest songs charged with poetry and a social message.

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Orquesta Discotheque

 Musica Moderna


Orquesta DiscoMusica Moderna is the latest work from DJ Afro (Jose Luis Pardo). Also known as the guitarist from Los Amigos Invisibles for many years. However, he is now releasing an album under the label Nacional Records under a project that he has named Orquesta Discotheque. In addition,  just to mention a few of his music collaborators for this project,  Dj Afro worked together with Dimitri From Paris,  Francisca Valenzuela and Federico Aubele. Moreover,  the album is a compilation of many Latin American classic pop tunes such as “Lamento Boliviano” from Los Enanitos Verdes, “Tu”  from Juan Luis Guerra & 440 and “Buscando un Poco de Amor” from Shakira. As a result, all songs have Afro’s footprints through his funky guitar riffs and vintage disco sound. Continue reading

Quique Escamilla received a CMFA 2014 award

Quique Escamilla received a CMFA 2014 award for the category of “World Solo Artist of the Year”. The ceremony was held in Ottawa from November 27 to 29. Escamilla has been putting some hard work from the time he started recording his latest album “500 Years of Night” up to the touring days promoting it. His lyrics are deep and his skills for composing and arranging all different instruments should be acknowledge. Continue reading