Bumbac Joe: The Hot Revolution

On April 25th Bumbac Joe, Chicago based venezuelan producer and Dj will release his new EP, The Hot Revolution.

Bumbac Joe, né Leopoldo Bello, who has shared turntables with Armand Van Helden and has been featured alongside performers such as Sinkane or Shantel & The Bucovina Club Orkestar, features in his latest EP four tracks with Juan Tomás Martínez on the vocals (former singer and percussionist of world-touring Spanish band Canteca de Macao), singer-songwriter Sarah Marie Gilbert, and the Caracas´ Camerata Infantil choir. Bumbbbbb

The four tracks were mixed by Lodewijk Broekhuizen, Milwaukee based band Twin Brother´s guitarrist.

With his latest EP, The Hot Revolution, Bumbac Joe stirs his beats into the US cauldron. The title song, “Hot Revolution”, a song with a story behind about street vendors and a connection between Milwaukee and Lima, infuses electronic beats with Afro-Peruvian rhythms, Venezuelan tamunangue and Spanish bulerias. Juan Tomás Martínez is featured on two tracks: “Tu Mambo”, a funkified mambo with a jazz drive and a danceable Afro-Latin beat, and “Captain Manteca”, an afrobeat global bass groove. The final composition, “Corazón Abierto” (Open Heart), is and electronic Latin jazz number that serves up a rum & tonic to cure your despecho (heartbreak).

The Hot Revolution EP will be available on iTunes and Amazon.com